The pages below contain photos that are unrelated to my railway content.
     They contain photos that I have taken over the years from events and other interests.
     I will be adding content to this page over the coming months.

      If you have visited the pages not related to Welland High, since June 2011 and there were no photos on those pages, I have fixed the issue.

Oreilly's Bridge (2008, 2009, 2011)
Snowbirds (2008)
(WH&VS) Welland High & Vocational School (2009)
(WH&VS) Welland High & Vocational School Fire (2011)
(WH&VS) Welland High & Vocational School Demolition (2011)
Energex Demolition - From beginning until October 2013 - 2014
Military Visit To Welland, Dain City and Cook's Mills (2014)
Random Photos