I have put together this search engine for you to look up names of given locations past or present along the rail lines within Ontario.
     Duplicate entries in the processed list are due to the fact that different railways have owned these tracks over the years, especially in the case of shortline railways.

     Do not enter CN, CP, ONR or any other railway code when you input your request. For example do not enter 'CN London'. Enter only 'London', then look through the list for your query. BTW... do not use the single quotes as shown in the example.
     Entering the first few letters of the station name will also work such as 'We' for 'Welland'.
     Entering the first few letters of the station name will just return all names starting with the character(s) entered in the search.
     Your search is not case sensitive.
     Wild characters such as '*' and '?' will result in an unsuccessful search, as they are not characters in the names.

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